Immune Cell Therapy

Immune cell therapy of cancer


FHB conducted a lot of research with intensive energy onto advanced immune cell therapy, and successfully identified several extremely rare and precious immune cells, which includes the function of innate immune cells and adaptive immune cells. FHB further developed several unique in-vitro cultivation systems to significantly scale up the immune cell activity and number to industrial levels by GTP.

Under the strict supervision and verification by TFDA, FHCT001 immune cell therapy was issued with permission of phase 1 clinical trial in Taipei Veterans General Hospital in September, 2014 and was verified and qualified with safety in December, 2014. The goal of this clinical trial is to test the efficacy of FHCT001 in solid cancer, which followed by developing an adjuvant therapy with higher specificity and lower side effects.


FHB persistently pursues the innovation and successfully amplifies the productive rate of cells and decreases the production of cells. FHB optimizes the FHCT001 technique and significantly scales up the immune cell activity and number to industrial levels by GTP. In general, the FHCT003 could inhibit the angiogenesis of tumor. This not merely could imply the FHB power of innovative energy and technical research, but apply the new techniques to medical in the future.

Given that immune cell therapies in many countries have been approved and included in routine medical technologies, FHB has patented FHCT003 related technologies and applied a clinical trial on phase I / II a by FDA. With promising clinical trial data, we hope to see immune cell therapy of FHCT003 to cancer as a new choice of treatment.

Auto-Immune Cell Therapy


FHB identified several extremely rare and precious immune cells, which could regulate the cell proliferation. Moreover, it could suppress auto-reactive immune cell to decrease the possibility of auto-immune disease.

FHB developed the techniques of cell proliferation by receiving grants of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR). We successfully not merely scaled up the immune cell activity and number to industrial levels, but also proved the potential ability of suppressing hyperactive immune reaction. Although there are around ten antibodies and other drugs to treat the medium and severe auto-immune disease, most of the therapies are palliative treatment. More than half of the patients can not release the pain.

Recently, immune cell therapy in U.S.A. and Japan have been approved and listed in routine medical items. We hope to take the high specificity and low side effect to control the auto-immune disease. FHB has retrieved immune cell-related technical patent of Taiwan and China in June, 2020. FHB keeps on conducting clinical trials and tries to apply FHCT002 to auto-immune cell for providing patients a better and new choice of treatment.


FullHope Biomedical Co., Ltd. (FHB) was founded by professional immunologists and managers in 2012, and focusing on the immune system related services and innovative R&D. Our goal is to establish the cell-based immunotherapies for cancers and autoimmune disorders.

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