Immune Cell Introduction

Immune Cell Introduction

Immune system is made up of immune cells and organs, which is a vital defending mechanism against foreign pathogen, bacteria, virus and even cancer. Immune cells act super vital characters in immune system. They can engulf the foreign pathogen; besides, they will set up an "adaptive immune function" to insure the same foreign pathogen will be eliminated when it invades again. FHB divides the human immune cells into two types according to their function.

Protective cell profiles: main lineage immune cells are including monocyte, T lymphocyte, B lymphocyte, natural killer cells and dendritic cells.
Regulatory cell profiles: regulatory T cells, regulatory NK cells and regulatory NKT cells.

Natural Killer Cell(NK)

NK is from common lymphoid precursor, and it is among 5% to 10% of all lymphatic cells. It is a member of innate immune system, which can attack the foreign pathogen such as infectious microbe or cancer cells immediately.

Dendritic Cell(DC)

DC appears in various tissue, such as skin, nasal mucosa, lung, stomach and inner cells of small intestines. Besides, immature DC can be found in the blood as well. When DCs engulf foreign pathogen, they will move to lymphatic node with antigen and active T cell to start the adaptive immune reaction.

T cell

T cell has specific antigen. It can release chemical substance by surface cytotoxic protein to attack foreign pathogen. The T cells includes cytotoxic T cells, regulatory T cells and memory T cells.

Regulatory T cell(Treg)

Treg is an immune regulatory T cell. It can suppress the protective cells, such as T cell and B cell to active. It avoids the overreactive immune respond to cause the damage. Moreover, it takes part in long-term infection and suppressive immunological escape.

Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells(MDSC)

MDSC is made up of granule, macrophage and dendritic cells with different differentiation. MDSC can stimulate regulatory T cells to differentiate and suppress T cells, the immune reaction of dendritic cells and the killing ability of NK cells.


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