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Diagnostic Tools

FHB built the evaluating model based on the database. We create the user friendly and high reliability immune index and disease diagnostic tool to assist medical professions in conducting clinical diagnosis. These suggestions provide a variety prognosis care and treatment strategy adjusting to achieve the accurate diagnosis and personalized medicine.


Immune Cell Therapy

FHB affords a high intensity of researching energy to immune cell therapy, and successfully identified several extremely rare and precious immune cells by a complete platform for immune function analysis. FHB develops a unique in-vitro technique to scale up the activities and number of immune cells.



FHB has already conducted to international patent portfolio planning and applied the patents of techniques of immune cell cultivation. We plan to apply the patents of immunoprofiling platform to U.S.A., Taiwan, and China, etc.



FullHope Biomedical Co., Ltd. (FHB) was founded by professional immunologists and managers in 2012, and focusing on the immune system related services and innovative R&D. Our goal is to establish the cell-based immunotherapies for cancers and autoimmune disorders.

Latest News

Latest News

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